Is your lap occupied by your cat more often than not while you’re at home? Or does your canine have its own spot in the middle of your bed at night? For many people, animals are more than just pets and have achieved status as treasured family members.

It’s no wonder why animals are so beloved: Pets are not only wonderful companions, but they work wonders for your health as well. Bring a furry or scaly creature to your home, and you might enjoy improved cardiovascular health, lower stress and anxiety, and other health benefits. That’s why Eastside Apartment Homes offers a pet-friendly apartment community with amenities to serve you and your pets. Here are a few things to know about our pet-friendly community.

Pet Amenities

At the Eastside Apartments, we have floor plans to suit the needs of any pet owner. You have options from studio apartments for you and your parakeet to two-room apartments with plenty of room for your kids and your corgi. Out on the grounds, there is plenty of green space to stretch your legs. You’ll be able to take your leashed pet on a walk through garden walkways, with Pet Waste Stations placed around the community for your convenience.

Nearby Parks

When your pup needs to chase a ball or frisbee rather than take a stroll, you have abundant options around Costa Mesa. Along with the on-site amenities you can enjoy at Eastside, there are many dog parks, beaches, and dog care facilities nearby. Several dog-friendly parks can be found within 10 minutes or less, including Canyon Park, Brentwood Park, and even Bark Park.

Bringing a Pet Home

We want your journey as a pet owner to be as hassle-free as possible. Just take a few steps to make sure your pet is taken care of. Clean up any presents your pet may leave behind on your daily walks, and keep dogs on a leash when you are outside your apartment.

Not a dog person? Not a problem! We love cats at Eastside and allow pets weighing up to 50 pounds. That includes hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, and other small pets, though we ask that they be caged and kept in a sanitary condition. We also have dog breed restrictions due to size and behavior traits. Please call our leasing office for more information. Additional or other pets must be approved by the management. Only authorized pets with the owner’s approval are allowed on the premises.

When you come home to Eastside Apartment Homes, you’re family—and so are your pets. Come enjoy the benefits of a pet-friendly apartment community, where you and your animals are welcome.