Did you know that pets can improve your health and overall well-being? According to the CDC, pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and feelings of loneliness. It’s no wonder why 90 percent of 1,000 apartment renters reported owning a pet.

If you are a renter living in a pet-friendly apartment and want a healthier lifestyle, pet ownership may be for you! Before you rush into getting a furry friend, here are four tips for living in an apartment with a pet. 

Pet-Proof Your Space

Similar to babies, pets are curious creatures and aren’t aware of which items can hurt them. Pet-proofing your apartment can help your pet safely acclimate to its new environment and home. Here are some tips for pet-proofing your space:

  • Remove any toxic plants
  • Don’t leave out toxic foods
  • Buy baby locks for your lower cabinets and drawers
  • Hide or cover exposed electrical cords
  • Pick up hazardous items like cleaning supplies, makeup, and skincare products

As you pet-proof your apartment, you can feel confident knowing that your home is a safe place for your new animal! 

Create a Safe Zone

Pets need safe zones to escape to when they feel stressed, worried, or tired. However, your pet’s safe place will look different depending on the type of animal you have.

For example, dogs typically enjoy a space near a window with a comfortable bed, a blanket, and some chew toys. On the other hand, cats may prefer a more private area with a litter box, cat tower, and scratching post. 

Before purchasing your fluffy friend, do your research to confirm which items will help them feel protected and comfortable in their new home. Your goal as a pet owner should be to help your animal feel as relaxed as possible!

Set a Potty Routine

Managing potty routines for cats, gerbils, and birds is simple—clean their litter box or cage frequently, and you’re good to go! A dog’s routine, however, requires more planning and effort.

If you have a new puppy, you’ve probably experienced mid-night potty breaks and cleaning up your puppy’s accidents. When managing your dog’s potty routine and trying to limit the number of accidents it has, you can follow these tips: 

  • Buy a crate for your dog to sleep in at night. Your puppy will learn how to hold its bladder while it’s in the crate, which will strengthen its bladder and bowel muscles.
  • Buy puppy pads to reduce the amount of cleanup after an accident.
  • Take your puppy outside to go potty at least once every two hours.
  • Choose the same spot outside for your puppy to go potty on so it can get used to the routine.
  • Award your puppy with a treat after it goes to the bathroom outside.
  • Take potty training one day at a time, and understand that it is a learning experience for both you and your furry friend!

Encourage Socialization and Exercise

Like humans, some pets love to socialize with their animal counterparts, and all pets need to exercise in one way or another. Below are a few tips for promoting socialization and exercise depending on the type of animal you have:

  • Dogs: Take your dog to a nearby dog park, such as Costa Mesa Bark Park near our pet-friendly apartments, so that it can meet some new furry friends! Daily walks are also great for a dog’s health.
  • Cats: Buy interactive toys, such as a toy dispenser, laser pointer, and electronic hunting toy. 
  • Birds: Place climbing toys in their cage. Ladders are always a safe bet! 
  • Gerbils: Shop for a running wheel that is the appropriate size for your animal. Not only do they provide cardiovascular exercise, but they also act as chew toys for your pet. 

If you’re looking to purchase a new fluffy friend, make sure to follow our four tips for living in an apartment with a pet. Doing so will help ensure the transition is nothing but paw-sitive! And if you’re looking for pet-friendly apartments in Costa Mesa, consider Eastside Apartment Homes! We offer a variety of pet-friendly amenities. Call us today!