Are you working on a goal? If so, how is it going? If you’ve lost a little enthusiasm, don’t worry—there are steps you can take to reignite your motivation. Keep reading for our top three goal setting tips.

Identify Priorities and Goals

Priorities and goals: Is there a difference? 

“Priorities are your purpose,” says Rachel Cooke at Quick and Dirty Tips. “Goals, on the other hand, are the specific and measurable vehicles by which you strive toward the things that matter to you.”

Let’s say your purpose is to read more. In that case, your goal might be to join a book club and read for at least 10 minutes every day. In this example, “[reading more] is the priority,” Cooke says. “It’s the thing that matters; the outcome you hope for. Goals are the enablers. And they’re actions, not wishes.”

Identify your priorities and find goals that will lead you to them. This will help you remember your “why” and stay motivated.

Measure Accountability

Whether you download an app, make a physical chart, or have a trusted friend text you weekly, effective goal setting requires that you have a set way to hold yourself accountable for sticking to your goals. 

“One of the most effective ways of staying on track is to create a community of support and accountability,” say Dorie Clark and Patricia Carl at Harvard Business Review. “Tell a few trusted friends or colleagues about your plans; ask them to check in with you about progress — it will compel you to make progress that you can report.”

Use the Power of Habit

“Focus on developing the actions that will ultimately get you to where you want to be,” says Gwen Moran at Fast Company.

Identify your ultimate goal and make a list of habits that future-you will need to have developed to meet that goal. Perhaps you want to compete in a triathlon, for example. What habits will help you get there? Working out every day, keeping track of your weekly progress, and eating healthful meals and snacks would be good habits to start with. As you develop good habits, reaching your goal will happen almost automatically!

If your goal setting hasn’t turned out the way you hoped, we have good news: There are steps you can take to rekindle your motivation. By identifying your priorities, measuring accountability, and using the power of habit, you will be back on track in no time!