Over the past 10 months, we’ve all been staying a lot closer to home. One of the benefits of this is that we’ve had the chance to discover some amazing local restaurants. As the staff of Eastside Apartments, we wanted to share some of our favorite nearby restaurants with you. We encourage you to grab some grub at one of them to show your support!

The Best Fried Chicken Around

For a meal that makes you feel at home, we love the Crack Shack! They offer takeout or delivery, making it easy for you to plan your evening. You can find them at 196 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa. Here are some of the dishes you’ll find on their menu: 

  • Jidori fried chicken with your choice of dipping sauces, including Honey Butter, Toro, Fire, and Sweet Heat—also available in gluten-free
  • The BAE sandwich, with bacon, avocado, sunny-side egg, and American cheddar on a brioche bun
  • The Anti-Salad Power Bowl with smoked chicken, a soft boiled egg, heritage grains, Chato’s salsa, avocado, and arugula

A Little Something for Everyone 

It’s hard to narrow down Eat Chow to a short description—they really have it all! They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, with yummy coffees and drinks to go along with your meal. Here are some of our favorite dishes:

  • For breakfast and brunch, try Eric’s Breakfast Enchiladas, with eggs, caramelized onion, charred tomato salsa, cotija cheese, and more. And their AvoToast and Arugula Salad has a delicious avocado thyme parmesan mash with a white balsamic vinaigrette that you don’t want to miss.
  • For lunch and dinner, their Fig & Brie Panini has a goat cheese honey spread that is so tasty! For something a little heartier, their Chow Patty Melt comes on garlic parmesan-encrusted Texas toast. Yum!
  • For dessert, they have a gooey butter cake, a banana chocolate chip bread pudding, or a choco taco for you to enjoy.

So check out Eat Chow! They are located at 1802 Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa.

Everyone’s Favorite Circle of Fried Dough

Sidecar Doughnuts isn’t your average doughnut shop. It’s a place for a decadent treat with unique flavors. They’ve got Butter & Salt, Maple Bacon, Vegan Chocolate Truffle, and even Basil Eggs Benedict (which is only available in the store). Then for drinks, they have your classic latte or hot chocolate, but they also have Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Matcha Latte, and their signature Sidecar Vintage Blend, which has notes of dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and a hint of smoke! 

Stop by at 270 E. 17th Street #18 in Costa Mesa to give them a try!

Coastal Creations

We love Santa Monica Seafood for their incredible crab chowder and crab Louie salad. The location also features a seafood market, which is super cool! You can find them at 154 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa.

On top of the crab chowder and crab Louie salad, we also like these menu items:

  • Fish tacos, which they make with a blended corn and flour tortilla
  • Cioppino, full of clams, mussels, fish, shrimp, and calamari
  • Lobster roll on a Rockenwagner Brioche roll
  • Classic fish and chips

This place is definitely a perk of living near the ocean!

Living in Costa Mesa is awesome for a lot of reasons, and being close to these restaurants is definitely part of that! Support local businesses by trying out Crack Shack, Eat Chow, Sidecar Doughnuts, or Santa Monica Seafood. Bon Appetit!


Photo credit: Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee